Endometriosis posses the risk of infertility

Endometriosis can be referred to a gynecological disorder. In this condition, the uterus lining tends to grow outside the uterus. Subsequently the lining can attach itself to the other reproductive organs like ovaries, fallopian tubes etc. A woman dealing with endometriosis can be infertile. This condition can be diagnosed with the help of a surgical procedure called laparoscopy. The fertility specialists will take a close look inside the abdominal cavity. They will look for any abnormalities and correct the problem. The woman suffering from endometriosis can experience various symptoms such as pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding during menstruation, diarrhea and fatigue.
Some women even with mild endometriosis can be infertile. Chances are the ovaries can get closed as cysts may build up. This in turn has the ability to block the fallopian tubes. If the woman bears eggs in the ovaries the formation of cysts will definitely damage them. Other problems might include distorted anatomy of the pelvis, adhesions, scar tissues in the fallopian tubes, changes in the immune system, and changes in the hormonal structure of the eggs and reduced egg quality. Consequently, the woman will become infertile. Again endometriosis can happen due to other reasons as well. The treatment will largely depend on the patient’s requirements. Additionally the doctors will need to know the severity of the actual condition. If mild endometriosis is diagnosed patients can get relief simply by taking medications. If a situation demands then laparoscopy which is a surgical procedure will have to be introduced.

You might be surprised to know there is no specific treatment for endometriosis Health care practitioners will take into accounts such as the age of the patient, severity of the symptoms, and severity of the disease and if the patients want to become pregnant again in the future. Even after successful treatment chances of a relapse remain pronounced.
Pain medications, hormone therapy and the surgical treatment aim at reducing the pain inflicted by the endometriosis. The same treatment methods are applicable for women who wish to become pregnant in future.  Some patients are also suggested to conceive through IVF if normal pregnancy is not achievable at any cost.